Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007

I Know You Responded to What I Said, But That's Not What I Meant

"They're not getting it" - me in response to Jenny's and Ali's comments on my post about working in the wrong key.

They did get what I said. And their comments were right on. What they didn't get--I think--was that the post was more a whine about not feeling like I have time to work on everything so shouldn't I focus that time on the novel? Which is a whole different animal than what I actually wrote. I remembered Beezy's comment about singing in the right key and thought, "That's a good analogy for not 'wasting my time' working on anything other than the novels."

Now I know it's not a waste of time to work on other formats in order to strengthen both my writing in those formats and my novels. It's not a waste of time to stretch myself. But when I'm already feeling stretched thin, I feel like I need to concentrate my efforts. And even as I type that, I realize that the short stories and poems (yes, Ali, I'm still working on one) help charge the batteries so that I have more energy to work on the novels.

So, I think added to this weeks goals is to finish a first run at the poem thing. Just to stretch my range a little.

Goals for the Week

My goals were:

-Edit NewsMag submissions. Done
-Read AL submissions and decide which to use. Will be done today.
-Decide which new TNN to start. I'm 90% sure.

For this week:

-Get rest of NewsMag submissions and edit.
-Finish the AL submissions for real.
-Do some preliminary research for TNN that I'm 90% sure I'm going to start.