Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August Turns Into September

And the weather goes from summer to fall over the weekend. That's usually a good thing for me. My energy level increases with the waning of the heat. And this summer was weird for me anyway.

Let's look at the month just past, shall we? My goals were:

--Finish rewrite of MMG. (Not even close again)
--Write 62 pages of Vesta or 2 pages a day. (Made it to 31)
--Complete CWC critiques. (Did do both of them)

So what to do about September? I have to get to at least 50 pages on Vesta or face the wrath of the group. And that ain't pretty, let me tell ya. And MMG deserves to be finished and let loose. Work-work isn't giving me much free time these days so it's all evenings and weekends with some extra-tired in the evenings. [I know, whinging doesn't get it done.] So, given all that, I've still got to push myself.

--Rewrite 200 pages of MMG.
--Write 31 pages of Vesta.
--Quick polish of Vesta for CWC.
--Complete CWC critiques.

Here's the thought process. If I get to 200 pages of MMG rewrites, I'm hoping that I'll either be so caught up at that point that I'll push through or the instinct to 'just do it' will kick in and I'll finish. But even if neither happens, I'll be 200 pages closer to done. Since I managed 31 pages in about 10 days last month, I should be able to do the same this month. And have time left over to pretty it up a little for the group. And there is no negotiating on CWC critiques. Those just get done.

And I may come up with a self-challenge for Ali. But not right now. I have an appointment to make with a plumber, a deposit to take to the bank and about 50 customers to call so I can verify shipping addresses.