Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pirates and Palette Cleansers

Not two things one would normally put together, but that's what happened Monday evening. At the Pirate gathering, we talked about the books we were currently reading or had just finished. Since I had just made it through Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell--a good book, but loooong--I said I was looking for something short and light as a palette cleanser. "What would that be?" Jenny asked. Good question. For me it depends what I've been either reading a lot of or having trouble getting through. Usual cleansers are:

--Margaret Atwood
--Neil Gaiman
--A good funny book
--Short stories
--A good mystery (Sometimes easier said than done. Just ask D.B.)
--Children's/YA since I'm always looking for books to recommend to the nieces and nephews
--Maybe non-fiction

I don't usually go for things like chick lit or romance, the usual easy reading fare. Predictable and poorly written just don't relax me. And before I get a ton of nasty comments, I know there are good reads in both genres, but I haven't found many lately. Could be I'm looking in the wrong places, but there are a lot of things I'm pretty sure I'll like already on the nightstand, and on the bookshelves and stacked in the corner so searching is a low priority for me right now.

Any particular genre or writer you turn to when you've been reading things that are too heavy or not your cup of tea?