Thursday, March 26, 2009

Clearance on Poppets

What's a Poppet?

Obviously, you don't follow Neil Gaiman's blog then. That's where I first learned about poppets and became hooked.

A poppet is a little (usually about 2 inches tall) sculpture by an amazing artist, Lisa Snellings. They are extremely cute and just a tad bit creepy. "Grotesque," says Giovanna. "In a good way." There are a couple who wander around my house. My first, Little Red, sits on my desk at work to inspire me in those moments I have to do something creative. She--I'm convinced that this one is a girl--waits patiently for me to acknowledge her. But sometimes she she draws my attention when I wasn't expecting it, trying to get me to "do the work".

The sale is this Saturday, March 28th on Lisa's eBay site Lisa's Store .

You can check out Lisa's other artwork (wish I had more disposable income, but I did just find out she does layaway) at Poppet Planet .