Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have a new definition of the word. It's when all of the things you need/want to do spin around in your head so that none of the ideas in there can fully form. A few of the ones spinning in my head right now?

--Big Project at work looks huge close up
--It's progressing nicely, though
--What's going to blow up since it cant possibly be that easy?
--Need to follow up on loose ends from last project
--Dance class tonight
--Did I pack everything?
--Did I practice enough?
--No, I didn't practice enough and must practice more this week
--Banjo class may be canceled
--Am I sad or relieved about that?
--Would like to go to banjo camp in January
--How much is banjo camp?
--Do I want to waste vacation days on something called banjo camp?
--Maybe I should work on the "other" parts of MMG first
--But it would be better to start at the beginning and write all the way through for continuity's sake
--Wouldn't it?
--Maybe I should work on Vesta instead
--Or TKoS, I've got some really good ideas for that one
--I said I wanted to clean up some of my short stories and submit them-I could do that
--Speaking of cleaning, I need to clean out and organize the kitchen cabinets
--And finish clearing out stuff from the basement
--Do I have time to maybe make some Christmas gifts?
--If they cancel the banjo class, should I try to contact the woman I took lessons from before to see if she's still teaching?
--No, I definitely need to start at the very beginning of MMG. That's why there's an outline.
--I said I was going to use the whiteboard and corkboard. I need to hang those up
--Man, I'm hungry, but I told Giovanna she could go to lunch first.
--Do I have snacks here?

You get the idea. I'm going to try lists. Lists are our friends. I just happen to have a notebook here at work. On my lunch break--which is still way too far away--I'll make lists for home, work, classes, writing, etc. Then the stuff won't have to be in my head.

Will that leave enough room for the writing ideas to get out?

I'll keep you posted.

What do you do when The Swirlies attack?