Monday, August 2, 2010

August Goals

Well, I was a big old slacker in July. No revisions done. Nothing new started--which was on purpose, but still.

So, my goal for August? Get more done than I did in July. Now it's not that I sat around all month. I was cleaning and organizing like a mad woman. I spent a week at some friends' house taking care of their dogs. I danced. I worked--a lot. Just nothing to do with writing.

Well . . . .

That's not exactly true. I was turning things over. Looking at things from all angles. Sniffing them, tasting them. Does this ring true? Would changing that do what I want it to or will it just throw everything else? And would that necessarily be a bad thing? So working on things, just not actually writing.

In August, I hope to actually write. And if it's not on MMG, then something. Pages. Actual proof of writing. New note cards would be good. That would show I know where it's going.

So, goal for August:

--New note cards.