Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Forced Focus

Regular readers of this blog know that I sometimes--okay, often--have trouble focusing my attention on one project. That other one over there in the corner always seems to be more interesting than the one right here in front of me.

Tomorrow I leave for almost a week in Florida. I'll be visiting family and friends, attending a Chris Botti concert and generally relaxing and having a good time. But there will be lots of time on planes and in airports. And I tend to wake up much earlier than anyone else in the family so there will be some time to fill there as well. Which works out, because I have to submit at least 50 pages of TNN on the 26th of this month. I have about that amount already. However, they follow my original train of thought on the project and things have changed since my last submission. Not many days to complete a lot of work. See sidebar for complete list.

While gathering and packing things to take, I found myself wanting to grab the MMG notebook to throw in. And maybe a couple more research books for Vesta. I could take those books I ordered on Prohibition for a future project I have in mind. Then reality hit. All that paper is damn heavy. I'm not going lug all of that through the COS, DFW and Orlando airports. Twice. So, only TNN and only what I need at this moment in time. That, the netbook and my journal? Easy peasy to carry around.

And I will have to focus on the one project, because that's all I'll have with me. Maybe I should go away to write all the time.

Wouldn't that be loverly?