Monday, March 2, 2009

March Goals

Recap of February:

--Finish this rewrite of MMG (400/400 pages)
--Clean up enough of Vesta from NaNo to submit this month (DONE)
--Do CWC critique (1/1)
--UGWP critiques (3/3)

Not bad at all, after the change to "this" rewrite of MMG. Yes, it was a lot of work accomplished. And, yes, it was still disappointing to not be done with the damn thing. But that's the way this game goes. Without further ado (or whinging) here is the plan for March:

--Do rewrite of MMG with new-old structure
--Do CWC critiques (0/2)

I know UGWP critiques are not on the list. I hope to be able to do them, but I won't beat myself up if I don't get them done. I kind of knew the return to Sunday group could turn out to be temporary. If I can keep up great. If I can't, it's time to finally call it quits. Love the people, that doesn't make more time in my month.

What Happened?

Thank you for all the suggestions on great well fillers. I'll definitely put them to use on another day.

My well refilling weekend went a little like this:

--Appointment with wonder hairdresser and first reader, Carrie.
--Spice of Life in Manitou Springs for a breakfast bagel and a latte. Did some morning pages (not, officially, writing) while listening in on a table full of photographers who did not appear to know each other well.
--Wander through Manitou, surprised by how many shops have changed to an opening time of noon from ten a.m. Went into a bead/jewelry shop that advertised everything 50% off of their already wholesale prices. Must really be catering to tourists brand new in town. Prices were off the charts.
--Stopping in Old Colorado City to go specifically to Holly Berry Needlework shop and Mystery Sleuth. Bookstore is now a noon opener. Picked up a cute knitting book and a little knotwork kit. Yarn for pattern I particularly like in the book was $9.00 a skein. The pattern took 15 skeins. Will shop elsewhere for yarn.
--Went home and watched a few of the shows I taped last week. Burn Notice just keeps getting better.
--Did a lot of piecing on a quilt top that was started a while back and then abandoned for whatever reason. Lots of little pieces probably had a lot to do with it. One more good session should get the top together. Then on to the funnest part--quilting.
--Started knitting a hat. Interesting pattern. I'll let you know how it turns out.

That was about it for Saturday. Watched a few more videos in the evening.

Sunday turned into a finish laundry, knit and watch Lord Of The Rings on TV. Worked fine for me.

Time to set goals for March and then get to 'em.