Thursday, August 2, 2007

Summertime Blues--Eddie Cochran

Actually, I'm in a pretty good mood. But I do get sluggish this time of year. I want to go swim in the river by my uncle's house and then stretch out under the willow tree to read a book. Maybe eat some watermelon with my cousins and spit the seeds into the river.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Let's see how I did for July:

--Revise MMG after receiving feedback --Submit to at least 12 agents (not done)

--Write editorial for PPW NewsMag (Wrote 2 because the deadline for the next one is coming up fast)

--Complete Writer's Life for PPW NewsMag (Wrote 2 for same reason as above)

--Write up mini-bio for PPW NewsMag (done)

--Stay current on submissions to Apollo's Lyre (Done as far as I know since there may have been submissions to the old email addy)

For August:

--Revise MMG, submit to DL and query at least 12 others [surprise, surprise]

--Play with TNN a little more

--Stay current on AL submission.

I do believe that is plenty for now.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Legal Uppers

Amazing how a few hours with certain people can work as a tonic.

I usually go out to dinner with the Sunday Group of the CSFWG on the last Sunday of the month. Yesterday, I sat in on the critique portion as well even though I hadn't read the submissions (although based on the comments, I will go back and read them). Even so, the critiques and suggestions are still helpful. Some of this stuff is just good sense to apply to any kind of writing.

At the dinner portion of the evening, we talked about some of the writing issues and more suggestions were made. But mainly we talked. About writing, of course. About books we're reading and enjoying, or not enjoying, and why. About movies, television. About life in general. We voted on names for Jenny and Shane's baby. We sympathized with Nicole's quest for a flowered dress for a wedding she's attending, because it was obvious that Nicole didn't want to buy a flowered dress. We rehashed the final Harry Potter book. Ali and D.B. talked about going bead shopping together. And we laugh. A lot.

I'm ready to write. I'm ready to work on TNN. A good thing, too, because Jenny hasn't finished with MMG yet. She, too, has been caught up in Pottermania--even moreso because of her job. And I'm really okay with that. Last week I would have been upset. It would have been another reason to be in a bad mood. But I think I'm reaching the point she was talking about a few months ago. I'm ready to rewrite MMG, but I'm not feeling like it's my one and only goal. Like it's the one thing that will make or break me as a writer.

And I'm in a really good mood today. Thanks gang!