Friday, June 1, 2007

Goals for June

As part of a writing group, I send out my goals at the beginning of each month. Others do the same. We check in throughout the month, encourage and, sometimes, harrass each other.

My goals for June are:

--Pick a new mainstream novel to start.
--Outline and possibly start new novel.
--Stay current with Apollo's Lyre submissions.
--Send back critiques to the two authors who asked for them.
--Refrain from bugging Jenny about MMG.

I usually list way more than I can easily accomplish, especially with work, family and friends. But even checking off one or two is a nice little rush. This month seems a little light, actually.

One of the people on the list made a comment about only being motivated by "real" goals, not these self-imposed ones. Excuse me? At this point in the game, all writing goals are self-imposed. I guess you could find a patron who would pay you for completing a set amount of writing in a month. If there are any patrons out there willing to support me as long as I churn out x number of pages, contact me through the comment section. Please!

Anyone else ready to commit?

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