Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Let's see how I did for July:

--Revise MMG after receiving feedback --Submit to at least 12 agents (not done)

--Write editorial for PPW NewsMag (Wrote 2 because the deadline for the next one is coming up fast)

--Complete Writer's Life for PPW NewsMag (Wrote 2 for same reason as above)

--Write up mini-bio for PPW NewsMag (done)

--Stay current on submissions to Apollo's Lyre (Done as far as I know since there may have been submissions to the old email addy)

For August:

--Revise MMG, submit to DL and query at least 12 others [surprise, surprise]

--Play with TNN a little more

--Stay current on AL submission.

I do believe that is plenty for now.

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