Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Final Feedback

Well, I received the final feedback for this draft of MMG last night. There will be much more when I start my rounds of queries. Jenny wrote up a great summary with an assignment. Maybe because I'm always harder on myself than anyone else would be comfortable being, it wasn't anywhere nearly as harsh as I thought it would be. Even with my thinking that she was delaying because it was such bad news.

I did wait until this morning to read it. Wanted to just enjoy last night with The Group. We have such a great mix of people now. All different genres and backgrounds, but it works somehow. I hope John decides to join us. He makes a nice addition.

Now I need to go buy a big 3-ring binder (part of my homework) so I can begin working on it this weekend. I'd start sooner, but this is shaping up to be a crazy-making week. Meeting last night (which was wonderful), meeting tonight for PPW, possibly a concert tomorrow night, barbeque at Jonnie and Steve's on Saturday (again, wonderful) and another meeting on Sunday (jury's out on this one). Oh, and maybe dinner with Geoff if he doesn't pick Saturday.

Think I may take Friday off just for me. Sounds like a plan.


Ali said...

Okay, so now I want to know what Jenny's homework was. Aside from the 3-ring binder, what does she want you to do?

Debbie said...

Ah, she goes into detail over on her blog. Things like doing a blind outline, physically moving pages around, adding new stuff and retyping the whole thing.

At least it doesn't involve twirling a dead chicken over my head three times by the light of full moon...

Oh wait, that's the other thing.

-John said...

I say a janitor from Scrubs needs to be pulled, and that group starts calling itself, "The Brain Trust."