Wednesday, August 22, 2007

So Glad I Stayed

Well, I spoke too soon. And I know better. I hate reading reviews, be they book or movie, where it's obvious the reviewer didn't watch or read the whole thing. More fool me.

I picked up The Heir of Autumn last night to read "one more chapter" to see if I wanted to continue. Wow! The boys pulled out all the stops and thirty pages later I had to force myself to put it down so I could get a minimum amount of sleep for today. Everyone is in jeopardy in some way, the action is ramped up and people are starting to act in, not predictable, but believeable ways.

This is looking like a fun ride.


-John said...

I wonder if there is something about grabbing attention, but not hanging on to it. Not everything has to be a Michael Bay movie, nor should they be. I wonder what is a true "lull".

Debbie said...

Good question, John. I think we see that sometimes in the critique group when novels are submitted a piece at a time. Those necessary breath-catching chapters can be dinged for not having enough action.

In this case, it wasn't the pacing, it was the characters' reactions to what was happening. Then they threw in a whole lotta action and the reactions were cool. I do hope for another breather here pretty soon, though.

Jenny said...

Yeah, and some novels have to start off slowly to get you some valuable info--Salem's Lot is a good example. King spends a lot of time early on developing the layout of the town, but at the end, when all that action is going on, you know the logistics of it all. King actually gets dinged a lot for 'I couldn't really get into it.'

Jenny said...

Deb, check your email