Friday, October 26, 2007

NaNoWriMo, aka Masochism

Yeah, I think I'll try it again. I had a bit of success last year--not like D.B. who had a third of HM when the month was over--so I'll try it again. Since I'm in the first flush of the Vesta story--as opposed to the final flush when that's all you really want to do with the book--I'll see if I can get some significant pages under my belt. Can't hurt. It may also keep me from picking up MMG too soon. I'm hearing it whisper to me, but I have to wait until it's shouting directly into my ear and smacking me upside the head before I do the revisions. A month should be good.

I know a couple other Pirates are planning to attack NaNo. Is anyone else officially signed up on the website?

Bret, there's a section for Young Writers and information for teachers. Something you might think about. Because, you know, you've probably got fifteen minutes that you're not already using for anything but sleep.

Think I'd better go do some warm-ups.


Ali said...

No NaNo for me. I may be crazy, but I'm not totally insane.

Best of luck to you, you brave crazy soul.

Jenny said...

I'm cheating on NaNo...check blog soon for updated November goals!

Whittaker Luckless said...

Is it cheating on NaNo to use a first chapter you wrote a while back? It shouldn't be. I'll just discount it in the word counting.