Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I seem to have forgotten that I was supposed to be working on weekly goals in September. Guess that means that weekly goals don't work so well for me. So for October:

--Let MMG simmer a while longer. If I really feel like picking it up, fine. Otherwise...
--Work on TNN, which may not be the same TNN I was thinking of working on. We'll see
--Stay current on submissions to AL and NewsMag

Okay, I feel better already, having put down the goals for the month.

Sorry, Ali.


Ali said...

I'd add that, even if you do feel like picking up MMG you still oughtn't. You shouldn't pick it up again until you just can't stand not to. So, wait. The harder it is for you to wait, the better a sign it is. This month is all about the new novel, whichever of them it may be.

Are you going to give weekly goals another shot? I'm always available for prompting if you'd like.

Debbie said...

Since they're such wishy-washy goals, I'm thinking they'd be the same every week. I guess I could break down the submission info based on what I have in my inbox.

Fine. This week I'll edit all the articles for the NewsMag and send them to Martha. I'll also read the 6 submissions for AL and decide whether to accept or not. And I'll decide which new TNN to work on.