Friday, January 11, 2008

New/Updated Websites

Bret has finally set up a website. Now if we can just get him to blog. In his spare time. Right. In the meantime, please see the link under "Friends of Debbie" to check it out. A bit on the formal side, but he'll loosen up.

And Fleur's website has a new look. Very cool.

Anyone else ready to set up a whole website, or are you happy with "just" blogging? I don't know that I have any reason for a full site yet. Maybe once I seriously start the agent search. Or maybe after I get an agent and we're doing the publisher search. Or just before the book is ready to come out and I need a place for potential readers to find me.

Or not.


Fleur Bradley said...

Thanks for the kudos on my website overhaul!

Wish I could blog. I tried for about three days and I already got tired of myself.

But I enjoy reading all of yours :-)

Jenny said...

Fleur's site looks great!

As for when to put up a website...well, I think both Bret and Fleur are way far ahead of me as far as 'completeness' goes. They can put up excerpts and links and whatnot. I'm just not that cool quite yet. Almost.

Fleur Bradley said...

For those of you who already have a blog: just use that page. It's free, easy, and you already have a web presence anyway. Blogger lets you customize how your page looks, addlinks, pics, etc.. Once you start marketing your book to agents, just give them your blogger link.

A website is great, but it's kind of static. I'm trying to update mine more, apparently it should be 'sticky'...