Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Post on Evil Editor

No, I didn't submit a query or the beginning of a story. I didn't have a continuation or a fake plot published. But one of my comments made it through the moderation process **addendum: Face-Lift 482**. And a subsequent comment said it was the best laugh the guy had that day.

Okay, I'm grasping here. Busy Monday and didn't post. Off sick yesterday. If you can catch things online, it's either John's or Courtney's fault. Busy again today because I was off yesterday. Do you detect a trend? And I didn't want to get the refresh of Shane shame.

Has anyone here ever actually submitted a query or beginning to EE? Thought about it? Worried that if you did, especially the query, his comments would freak you out? Not that I'm projecting, mind you. Okay, I'm projecting. Had all those thoughts. But it also might be invaluable feedback. Yeah, I'm thinnin' about whipping up a query when the rewrite is just about done and sending it in. Just to see what he says. May need an emergency Pirate gathering afterward.

Back to work.


Ali said...

Nifty on the EE comment. You're officially cool now, badass, even :)

An EE query sub. is certainly acceptable grounds for an emergency Pirates' meeting (As written under Paragraph 14a, sub-point 5).

Jenny said...

Hey, which one did you comment on? I can't find it....

Jenny said...

nevermind, just found it...chickens right?