Monday, March 31, 2008

March Recap

The only one of my goals that I actually finished was the vacation in Phoenix, which was a good one to finish. My last post pretty much sums up the rest of the month of March. It bit.

So, what will make April different? I will. Not that I have any more control over the things that crop up that you never saw coming. But I do have control over what I plan for myself and how I react to those pesky pop-up issues. I have a couple blocks of time that I'm protecting rather jealously. And a third that I may be able to reclaim. We'll just have to see how things progress this month.

Another difference? I've eliminated page counts from the goals. They just say "work on." When I set word and page counts, I tend to feel that if I sit down to write I HAVE to write a lot in order to get to the count. If finishing is the goal, then I have to write even more. If I only have to work on it, then a paragraph is gold. I still feel like revisions work better with more time, but I'm going to try to be flexible about that one, too.

April has always been my month. There has been some dread of it the past few years because of conference. I don't have that hanging over me this year and I don't want to hang anything else in its place. Let's see if lightening up helps.

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Ali said...

April is often a nifty month. Kudos to you for reclaiming it.