Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Goals

Still in that poor me phase. Just found out that I'll be on this bland diet at least through the middle of July. Oh boy! At least I've found a couple more canned veggies I'm allowed. And frozen spinach is okay. I've now added a dark green (the spinach), an orange (carrots) and a red (beets) to the repetoire along with a new light green (asparagus). Dropped the peas--those things have way more calories than their size should allow. And I'll be cutting back on the fruits. Again with the calories. The up side of all of this is that I've joined to track what I'm eating so I know that I'm getting my nutrients without too much fat, cholesterol or calories. This may be what I needed to jump start the weight loss process.

So how'd I do with my April writing goals? Not so hot. Not much with actual revision on MMG, although I did work on it in my head. Check out Kristin Nelson's recents blogs about back cover copy. The idea of the 'plot catalyst' that should happen within the first thirty pages helped me solidify what actually is mine. Not Kitty's mother dying--that happens before the book starts. Nope, it's the first haunting of her brother that really sets things in motion for her. Duh! And I worked a little bit on Vesta. Picked up some more books for research on Tarot and crystals, which will both figure in the story.

New goals? Actually write the first ten chapters of revisions on MMG--that's one per weekend. Type up what I have so far on Vesta with the few changes I've decided will put her in more peril. Peril=conflict=good. Continue research on metaphysical themes.

That's fairly ambitious, but I've been a slacker for way too long. Time to Cowboy Up as the amazing Jenny says.

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