Monday, June 2, 2008


Another month just done flew by. What were my goals for May?

-10 chapters of MMG rewrite. I did 3 chapters for a total of 22 pages. I'll take it.
-Polish Vesta so far and submit to CWC. DONE
-Research Tarot and crystals. ONGOING
-Write 25 additional pages of Vesta. Decided to wait until I get the feedback at the end of June so I know whether or not I'm going in the right direction.

It was amazing how much polishing I felt I had to do for Vesta before I turned it over. This is a tough group, and I don't want to give them anything other than my best. Of course, now that I've said that I'm waiting to get a "That was your best?" from one or two. Or all five.

So June. If I'm not going to work on Vesta until after the meeting on the 30th, I should be able to devote all my time to revision. Right? Jenny's really pushing the envelope on her goals this month (see link at right). And since I'm not at all competitive, I'll say:

--Finish MMG revision. Let's face it, it's about freakin' time.
--Continue research on Tarot, crystals and all things metaphysical.
--Finish critiques for CWC. Only 2 this month for me.
--Graciously receive feedback on Vesta.
--Do critique of HM for D.B.
--Outline TNN again with new ideas to make it even ickier. If that's possible.

I don't think it's as ambitious as Jenny's, but it feels like a bit more than my limit so I'm pushing.


Jenny said...

I like how your goal is to 'graciously' receive feedback...that makes me smile...

Debbie said...

Sometimes I have to remind myself.