Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Hang Out With The Grooviest People

I just have to say it. For example:

John and Ali kicked some serious hinder with their writing challenge. Over 22k words for each of them. Holy shite! And I know I'll enjoy it when they're ready to let other eyes see it.

Fleur has already revised DtTF and submitted it to her agent. Now she's working on the next big thing.

Mary is moving those girls of hers right along in interesting ways, making me wish I could see what's in her head so I know what happens next.

Shane continues to amaze me with his stunning command of the English language and unusual take on the human condition.

Jenny? Well, she tells a helluva story extremely well. I'm reading FJR for the second time and am still on the edge of my seat.

Nicole always make me laugh, and frustrates me, too, that I don't get to read more of her work. Because I love it.

Then there are Bret, Laurel, Moe and I'm sure people I'm forgetting who may not be around as much, but still check in to see what's going on and to let me know how they're doing.
Plus, they're all great people to hang out with. Each with a unique perspective, but also open to what the others have to say. Gotta love that in this world. And just plain nice. When they ask, "How are you?" it is with real interest and concern.

I don't think I could do this writing thing without any of them. They keep me going.

All of this in prelude to letting you know that DB, another good friend, will not be around for a while. She's going through a lot of personal stuff right now that I'm not at liberty to divulge. But the whole group has rallied around to support her decision to take a sabbatical until she's ready to deal with all of this again. I know we all wish her well, in every sense of that phrase.

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Nicole said...

Ditto! (Well, mostly, you know....) But I also hang with the groovy crowd!