Monday, November 3, 2008

November Goals - Is There Anything But NaNo?

It probably won't feel much like it, but there will be other writing-related things I need to complete this month. Let's see how I did in October--which seemed like a really, really long month to me.

--Rewrite 2 chapters of MMG. (6/2)
--Write 31 pages of Vesta. (7/31)
--Complete CWC critiques. (2/2)
--Read Dexter and The Graveyard Book with an eye to the "nuts and bolts." (1.5/2)
--Edit PPW NewsMag. (DONE)

Not too shabby. Especially with all the extra I Did This things I accomplished.

So, what do I need to do in November?

--Write 50,000 words, naturally. The first part of the month, at least, will be dedicated to Vesta. If I finish the novel before I hit my word count, I'll go on to another whatever.
--Complete 2 CWC critiques (thanks Jenny!)

Wow, that really is it. Reading this month is going to be hit and miss and mainly for fun. I'm dog and house sitting next weekend so that usually means the next Sandman book.

Ali's calling for a "Write For Yourself" month. I would hope I usually do that. I'll let you know at the end of the month whether it felt like work or not.

Okay, off to waste time on Facebo . . . I mean, time to go knock out a few hundred words.

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