Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reading Goals

I gave my writing goals a week ago. Guess it's time to think about my reading goals for the year. Not that I think we necessarily need goals. Reading for fun is, well, fun and worthwhile for that simple fact. But I do like a challenge and find that I usually come away from one having not only learned something but having had some fun, too.

So, in addition to the ones I pick up just because, I would like to tackle the following this year:

--Read more non-fiction. I tend to only read non-fiction when I'm researching a book. While that's groovy, I'd like to read a little more on current events, history, biography, whatever that has nothing to do with what I'm planning to write. If it creeps in later, so be it.
--Read a couple craft books--writing, that is. There were a few years, back in the beginning of this writer's journey, when I read one craft book after another. Then they all start to bleed into each other. It's probably been a couple years since I read one. Time to pick up a couple old favorites and delve into a few I haven't read before.
--Read some classics. This will include The Divine Comedy, The Iliad and The Odyssey. I've had them on my shelf for years, but haven't gotten around to them. It's time.

Not awfully specific, but enough to give me a rough guideline. Kinda like my writing outlines.

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Ali said...

The Inferno is fun. Lots of good stuff in that one.