Monday, June 22, 2009

Writing Books Galore!

Not as in "I'm writing a lot of books," but as in "Holy crap, I have a boatload of books about writing!"

Saturday I put up shelves in the newly painted Writing Room (I think of it in capitals). I need to get some more. My plan was to use those shelves--as opposed to the ones in the family room downstairs or the ones in my bedroom--for my writing books, my metaphysical books and any researchy-type books I am currently using. There are separate spaces for books and journals. I figured I'd have empty shelving for spillover from my to-be-read pile. I figured wrong. The shelves are full to bursting. There will be another trip to Wal-mart.

I have a handful of metaphysical books to add, but I probably have two dozen or more writing books that I still need to schlep upstairs and find a place for. Who the hell bought all these books? Oh, right. That's what I do when I'm interested in something. I research the bloody bejeebers out of it. Correction: I collect research on it, read like mad for a while then jump in with both feet while there is still a pile of research to be read.

The good news? I have lots of resources to tap into. And I now have one place to look when I need a refresher or I'm stuck. It's also a good source of inspiration. Not just the "here's a prompt" or "how I did it" books either. Sometimes just a skim through one of the craft honing books can dislodge something.

How do you go about learning something new? Take a class? Are you a reader? Do you learn by doing?

***I promise pictures of the Writing Room progress before the end of the week. I have to get a cable to upload from camera to laptop. ***

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Ali said...

Yay! Pictures!

It's a universal rule: we never really appreciate how much stuff (books, kitchen utensils, whatever) we have until we start moving it around.