Friday, November 13, 2009

What Does This Say About Us?

Words. Big part of a writer's toolkit, of a writer's life. And one word in particular got me to thinking the other day. It's not a big word or a complicated word or a deep word. But those aren't always the ones that get you going.

I was thinking about how creative people get that first gig. What do they have to do to get the job? They all audition somehow, but what are the specific synonyms for each?

Singers sing.

Dancers dance.

Actors read.

Artists show.

Musicians play.

And what do writers do? We submit.


Fleur Bradley said...

That makes it sound so grovely (I just made that a word) doesn't it?

I have to admit though, I think we have it easier than other artists. The rejection is (e)mailed from a distance, no face-to-face. Except for pitching, of course, and we all know how much fun that is :-)

Still... Makes you wonder if it's worth it sometimes, the submitting.

Marie D-W said...

Submission. You're right. Interesting word. Maybe the word for writers auditioning is just more honest than the others you put up. As long as we submit our product and not ourselves.

Jenny said...

Actually, I find it very interesting that the writer's word is the only correct word there. After all, don't actors have to submit to director approval before being hired? Artists probably have the next-accurate word: show. We could easily say that we're showing our writing to agents/editors instead of submitting.

So, I think that since writers use words all the time, it's not suprising that we have the right word.

How do you like that logic?