Monday, March 2, 2009

What Happened?

Thank you for all the suggestions on great well fillers. I'll definitely put them to use on another day.

My well refilling weekend went a little like this:

--Appointment with wonder hairdresser and first reader, Carrie.
--Spice of Life in Manitou Springs for a breakfast bagel and a latte. Did some morning pages (not, officially, writing) while listening in on a table full of photographers who did not appear to know each other well.
--Wander through Manitou, surprised by how many shops have changed to an opening time of noon from ten a.m. Went into a bead/jewelry shop that advertised everything 50% off of their already wholesale prices. Must really be catering to tourists brand new in town. Prices were off the charts.
--Stopping in Old Colorado City to go specifically to Holly Berry Needlework shop and Mystery Sleuth. Bookstore is now a noon opener. Picked up a cute knitting book and a little knotwork kit. Yarn for pattern I particularly like in the book was $9.00 a skein. The pattern took 15 skeins. Will shop elsewhere for yarn.
--Went home and watched a few of the shows I taped last week. Burn Notice just keeps getting better.
--Did a lot of piecing on a quilt top that was started a while back and then abandoned for whatever reason. Lots of little pieces probably had a lot to do with it. One more good session should get the top together. Then on to the funnest part--quilting.
--Started knitting a hat. Interesting pattern. I'll let you know how it turns out.

That was about it for Saturday. Watched a few more videos in the evening.

Sunday turned into a finish laundry, knit and watch Lord Of The Rings on TV. Worked fine for me.

Time to set goals for March and then get to 'em.

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Fleur Bradley said...

Your weekend sounds devine... Mine was all about moving furniture around, somehow. And editing.
I'm so taking next weekend off :-)