Monday, October 4, 2010

More Of The Same

My October Goals are a rehash of my September Goals. Bad month for writing. And it sounds like it was that way all around.

DB had her first feedback from CWC last night. I'll let her tell you about it herself. But it was interesting that she said every single member of the group was blocked in one way or another. Either this one just wasn't feeling the story, or the stress of everyday stuff was taking up all that one's brain power. Weird. I wonder if all critique groups have that happen. That everyone seems to get into a mental/emotional sync.

Maybe I'm missing the group and the deadlines. Don't know. All I can do right now is get everything ready to go. And then maybe play a bit. See if there are any short stories that want to be told--although that's not very likely. Ali suggested poetry to DB. Maybe I'll give that a shot. Nobody else needs to see it, right?

Here's to everybody breaking through the wall this month!

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