Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More of the Car Saga

Just a quick note to let you all know where we stand, car-wise:

--Test drove a Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, 2 Toyota Corollas and 2 Hyundai Elantras on Saturday
--Made the mistake of falling in love with Elantra GLS
--Stormed out of dealership after being browbeaten by the manager
--Had to go back to dealership because they had my driver's license (still don't know why they needed or why I actually gave it to them in the first place)
--Spent 1/2 of Sunday with heating pad on neck and back, taking Ibuprofen.  Second 1/2 spent at brunch and Theatreworks laughing hysterically at Boeing Boeing.  I highly recommend it
--Finally found out what Farmers Insurance is giving me for my car--not as little as I feared, but not as much as I hoped
--Will be FedExed paperwork to sign today
--Check promised by "next week"
--Not 20 minutes later, the tow company called to arrange pickup for today (amazing how quickly they move when they're getting something)
--Participated in lively email exchange with a different Hyundai dealership in town.  They wanted to prove that "we're not all the same".  Unfortunately, I gave a firm dollar amount and have heard nothing from them since.
--Not really unhappy to have decided to go with the Focus.  It was my favorite until the Elantra.  Jenny took notes on my reaction to the cars and there were many many positives about the Focus.  Plus it's red.

I am still getting the financing in order, but will most likely go back to Ford tonight or tomorrow.  I think once it's settled, my neck and back should improve along with my mood.  And blood pressure should go back to normal range.  Or at least normal range for me.


Jenny said...

Man, I can't believe we forgot your license! I didn't even remember that they took it until just now!

Probably should've written that in the notes....

Debbie said...

Yes, it's ALL YOUR FAULT!!!

Actually, it was very helpful to go back and read the notes on the Focus. There were more positives about my reactions to the way it handled than the Elantra.

Guess I was caught up in the "sexy factor".

Writing Nag said...

Congrats on the new car! I hope you love it!

Bucky said...

They take your license so they can run a credit check on you so they know if you can afford their car. It also determines how much they think they can push you into paying for a car. It's good that you stuck to your guns and walked out.