Monday, June 11, 2007

Update on Goals

I'm doing surprisingly well for this early in the month. Usually, I have to scramble during the last few days. The goals were:

--Pick a new mainstream novel to start. [I have done this, thanks to much help from the group. See post below.]

--Outline and possibly start new novel. [Started outlining this weekend. I just need the major plot points for now. Then I can start writing.]

--Stay current with Apollo's Lyre submissions. [So far, so good. I'm caught up.]

--Send back critiques to the two authors who asked for them. [Done. Will not be making this offer again.]

--Refrain from bugging Jenny about MMG. [Not yet anyway.]

I could have included completing critiques for the Sunday group since I'm visiting again this month. More about that later.


Jenny said...

No bugs yet...but is that because of Deb's steadfast refraining? Or because of my 70% Deet perfume? We may never know....

Lea Schizas - Author/Editor said...

So they finally made you get a blog, did they? hehehe Blogs are real fun to write, like a diary...but like a diary we need to remember to write in them.

Have fun with your diary, Deb.

Lea Schizas