Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holy Crap!

As Ali pointed out we only have two weeks until we have to submit again. Argh! How can that be?

I wrote some over the weekend, but it was like exercising after taking a month off. My creative muscles weren't exactly happy about it. I'm not sure I stand by my decision to take said month off in order to wait for feedback. Just hit me this week that even if I was going down the wrong road, I'd have pages done. Pages that could be edited. D'oh! Won't make that bonehead mistake again.

Time to keep pushing through. I'm not sure where that leaves the revision of MMG. It still feels like that needs to be my priority, but I've signed on for CWC (FCWC?--I'm liking that Fountain Creek thing again) and it is a good thing. It's making this whole writing thing real. As Jenny said to me, "It's a job. A good job, but a job." With deadlines and accountability and all that good stuff.

So time to suck it up and just do the work. How and when to finish MMG will work itself out. And it's not like I was burning up the revisions before the new group started. So if I am serious--and I believe I am--then I'll find a way to get it done.

Nothing like a little panic-driven self pep talk to get motivated.


Ali said...

Nothing like a little panic to get the creative gears a going.

Now that you've realized that your first strategy didn't work, you know that you have an alternate plan that should work. I call that a win :)

Now, get in gear and do what you need to do to kick some word-count butt! I'm sending lots of good writerly thoughts your way.

Debbie said...

Thanks, and right back atcha!

Jenny said...

Is it really only two weeks? Holy moly, time flies when you're not paying attention. I thought I was doing good to get the critiques all finished. Better get to work myself or it's gonna hurt!

I send much writer juju to and to Ali. And it is good to recognize that your previous strategy is not the going strategy.

Also, it's a potential problem to wait for critiquers to advise you on a work in progress as far as structure and whatnot go--it may make you write to their tastes rather than accomplish what you need the story to do. So listen to the critiques, but you should probably always write ahead...just to avoid second guessing what you had planned.

The One and Only John said...

Not to increase the panic, but after today you will have one less day than you started with this morning.