Monday, July 7, 2008

June's Gone, July's Here

Wow! A week into July and I still haven't done a post mortem on June. See post below for excuses.

My goals for June were:

--Finish rewrite of MMG. I'm at 50 pages. No where near finished.
--Continue research of Tarot, crystals and all things metaphysical. DONE
--Finish both critiques for CWC. DONE
--Graciously receive feedback on Vesta. DONE--at least I hope so
--Do critique of HM for D.B. DONE
--Outline TNN with new ideas. NOT EVEN CLOSE

So for July, I'm taking it just a bit easier on myself.

--Do 100 pages of rewrites for MMG.
--Write 50 pages of Vesta.
--Complete CWC critiques.

Let's see if I can make it through these tasks. I'm dropping the reoutline of TNN, because I've got enough on my plate with a rewrite and a new-write and critiques. I don't want to muddy the waters even more with a third novel in the mix.


Jenny said...

You know, while that's only 3 goals...I've gotta say it still looks ambitious. I've found rewriting very difficult.

Marie D-W said...

Anytime you're writing or rewriting two or three totally things in the same month, it sounds very ambitious to me. I'm afraid my brain couldn't handle it, that's why I switch off from month to month. But more power to you!