Friday, February 27, 2009

Well Filling

It's that time again. Time to top off the well. It's not empty--far from it, in fact, but I find it sometimes helps to take a break and pour a little more in before it goes dry. This weekend is reserved for that.

I've hit a point on the MMG revisions which is good, but potentially labor-intensive. My first inclination is to dive right in with no break between the last go-round and the next. But I have finally learned that that way lies madness. I have a good head of steam because of the new ideas. Is it enough to get me through all the messiness in the middle (or the "muddle" as Giles Carwyn calls it)? Don't think so. Hence, the fill up. [Even though that brat Jenny is done and ready to submit and my three competitive cells are all fired up about that, too.]

What is the plan? That's the beauty. There is no plan. I believe there will be music--because there's always music in some form. Perhaps quilting, which I haven't done in a coon's age (just how long is that, I wonder). Baking may be in order. Hiking always works nicely. Some fun with polymer clay? Cleaning out the blue room. Doesn't sound like well-filling, but more room and less clutter certainly help things along.

Of course, by telling myself I can't write at all this weekend, I have made myself ache to put pen to paper. But I shall be a stern well-filler.

So what tells you it's time to take a break? And what constitutes one?


Ali said...

I vote polymer clay. No big surprise there :) A fun recharge weekend sounds like a good idea.

Marie D-W said...

Deb- good for you to take thos weekend off. I find something else, not writing, but something creative. So, baking, polymer clay, quilting. A nature walk is always good. It might be a little cold but that's just invigorating, right? Anyway, have fun!

Jenny said...

Actually, the clearing out of a room helps me. After a big project it's sort of cathartic to 'wipe the slate clean' and then mess it up over the new long-haul. Make sense? But I've also found that going to movies alone is great. You don't have to answer to anyone about what you thought. You just get to sit back for two hours and let someone else's work take you away.

Fleur Bradley said...

That all sounds really nice... Me, I putter around the house when I need a break from writing. Nothing like a little cleaning and some chores I put off to clear my head.

Polymer clay and a movie sound a lot more fun, though.